What if you can attain permanently the state that always eludes you?

This state is Inner Peace and it lives within you at the core of your being. With this course, I give you the keys to unlocking it.

Inner Peace is something that is available to you at all times and you can take it with you to any location, work setting, situation, or intimate relationship. Inner Peace is not a product of your circumstances or surroundings – Inner Peace is a state of being; once uncovered, it flows outward to pull beautiful, uplifting, and magical circumstances to you.


"Working with Dominic was both, a pleasure and deeply insightful. The 8 Steps to Inner Peace course was enlightening and I very much enjoyed the healing experience."


"I absolutely loved this course! Entering into Dominic's presence via these recordings immediately takes you into a state of relaxation. While the concepts presented in this course are deep spiritual concepts, Dominic guides you to understand each of them using simple and practical approaches to integrate them in your life. Each chapter masterfully summarizes centuries of spiritual teachings. 100% recommended!"

Alessandra, Panama

"I am an entrepreneur with a focus on commercial real estate and my own spiritual development. I took the 8 Steps to Inner Peace course to create more peace in my life and eliminate stress and anxiety. I experienced all of these things throughout the course and am grateful to be able to focus more deeply on my business and family with increased clarity and self-confidence."

Heather, NJ

"Dominic has made a great impact on my life and truly lives up to his name, the Inner Peace Advisor. He has a unique way of putting the puzzle pieces together and asks all the right questions that awakens the unconscious mind. Since I started the 8 Steps course, I am more present, connected and aware. After every segment I feel enlightened, empowered and inspired to "do the work". I continue to gain more clarity, understanding and insight from the course. I'm so grateful to find a healer like Dominic who holds me accountable and makes me aware of the things that limit me. I encourage anyone who wants to create a massive shift in their life to work with Dominic. I thank God that I found him on my path to self discovery."

Chris, FL

"The 8 Steps to Inner Peace course helped me identify my blind spots, and it showed me how my beliefs contribute to creating the circumstances I'd actually wish to avoid. Working to dissolve these beliefs has allowed me to offer grace to myself and to others in face of the challenges we all experience. The work has been about bringing more and more awareness to the life I'm creating. The 8 Steps uses frameworks that shine light on the basic core wounds that run my life and point to the liberation offered by other perspectives. I'm now aware of my protection mechanisms - fear, judgement, control, guilt, and anger. By taking the course, I learned how to give myself compassion and acceptance freely, without conditions. It has been a challenging and rewarding experience."

Cristina, FL

"I am so thankful that a friend referred me to the 8 Steps to Inner Peace course! The course is life changing. Dominic’s kind and gentle spirit enabled me to find myself again. My story is not uncommon: I was overwhelmed by life. I am recently divorced, a full-time student, a single mother, and I am clawing my way out of debt. Before taking the course, I spent most of my time fretting, being bogged down by emotions I didn't entirely understand, and judging myself for my discontent. I couldn't understand why I was so unhappy - and that lack of understanding led to greater self-deprecation and self-loathing. My inner dialogue was not kind to say the least. Because of the course, I exchanged my self-directed-bitterness for sincere self-love and appreciation. It helped me recognize that for years my internal dialogue was misdirected and was actually an obstacle to my personal growth. The impact Dominic's guidance has had on my life is tremendous. Not only do I feel more confident, self-assured, and resilient - I know I am a better mother, partner, student, daughter, and friend because of my personal growth. I have more happiness than worry and I now claim joy and peace rather than wishing for it."

Jenn, Texas


Concepts of ‘Right or Wrong’ and ‘Good or Bad’ are just incredibly poor mental frameworks that wreck havoc in your life and the lives of others. In this step you learn what duality is and how to abolish this mental framework and set your mind and soul free.

Love is not an emotion. Love is a state. In this step you learn how to see love as a state and how to recognize when you and others are in this state.

‌Your mind is filled with an infinity of beliefs and perceptions. However, your mind does not contain any truth, only the misunderstanding that it does. Once you accept that you do not know truth you can accept your world as it IS, not as you need it to be. This is true freedom

‌Your soul is eternal, your life here is not. Your life exists to help grow and evolve your soul by working to express as much of your soul through the lens of your body, unencumbered by the pursuit of short-lived external distractions. In this step, I teach you how to go within.

You are a sovereign being by mere virtue of your birth. In this step you learn that a life of bliss and happiness comes from attending to your needs first. If your cup is filled, it overflows to fill the cups of others.

In this step, learn how to collect near limitless energy back to yourself that you send out into the world. Free your friends, family, and the world from your control and see them all become more attentive to your desires when you do so.

Peace comes from seeing yourself as you truly are. People are mirrors, but they provide poor reflections. Learn to see yourself correctly in this step and how to live powerfully through a deep understanding of your inner being.

Thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives contain glimmers of the truth at best. Typically, they mislead and obscure. In this step, turn from these false lights and bask in the one true light that does exist: the truth contained within your body.



  • Your blocks and your false self 
  • How to see yourself accurately
  • Vast stores of self-confidence
  • How to live powerfully and authentically
  • The life you've always wanted
  • How to overcome any obstacle

Gain unlimited helpful perspectives to help you navigate every circumstance and learn to be your own Buddha

‌What if you could wake up every morning filled with peace and optimism – and maintain that same energy all day long?

Most of us live in a constant state of fatigue, where even running errands, working out or maintaining a healthy lifestyle all seem too challenging. Our energy affects everything we do, which is why I spent years studying ways to create and maintain a level of energy that would enable people to not just survive each day, but to truly thrive.

This program will transform the way you experience everyday life. You will come to understand how your moment to moment state directly impacts not only your physical health, but also your emotional state. And, you will learn how to shift this state.

You will experience a new sense of accomplishment as you start and finish your day with renewed energy. Imagine what you can achieve in your life, work, and relationships from this state. Start today and discover your true self!

"I really enjoyed the 8 Steps to Inner Peace Course. I came across it and decided to purchase because I was really looking for something that could give me another perspective. I listened to each step a couple of times each until it was imprinted in my being. Then I started to recognize it was making a shift in my life. I am really grateful to the Inner Peace Advisor for his words of wisdom that are embedded in my heart forever."

Sitara M.
Verified Buyer



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